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Our Team.

At Synergetic Healing, we believe deeply in the interconnections between Mind, Body, and Spirit. Our team of therapists shares this philosophy and is dedicated to providing therapeutic, individualized sessions that honor this holistic approach to wellness.

With a blend of caring, consideration, education, and extensive experience, our therapists strive to create a safe healing environment, free of judgment. We firmly believe in treating ALL PEOPLE with compassion, love, and acceptance.

Each member of our team brings their unique expertise and passion to their practice, ensuring that you receive the highest quality of care tailored to your specific needs. We are committed to continuous learning and growth, constantly exploring new techniques and modalities to enhance the services we offer and provide you with incomparable healing experiences. When you choose Synergetic Healing, you're not just choosing a therapy session—you're embarking on a journey toward holistic well-being and transformation.


"Linda talked through what polarity therapy is with me before the session and told me to ask any questions at any point. I felt very comfortable and relaxed afterwards and will be coming back for another session soon!" 


"Emanoel is the most professional masseur I've ever met. Skill levels exceeded all expectations and I can not say enough positive things!" 


Synergetic Healing is a very positive and uplifting space. I was greeted promptly at my scheduled appointment time. The treatment table is the most comfortable thing I have ever laid on - soft and gentle warmth. The natural sounds and music was beautiful: not overpowering, but subtle and supportive to the treatment.


Very soothing atmosphere as soon as you walk in the door. Debra is knowledgeable, skillful, kind and professional. I had a great experience and look forward to going back. Highly recommend.


After a serious auto accident and corrective surgery, I couldn't be more grateful to the skill and helpful/positive attitude Debra provided me. I never thought it was possible, but I became pain free and don't know what I would have done without Synergetic Healing!


I met with Linda for the Polarity Therapy, she was very welcoming so I felt comfortable with her as soon as I walked in. I definitely would recommend my experience with Linda to anyone. It was an amazing first session and I definitely will be going again. I didn’t know how much trauma I was holding inside and storing. It was good to get it out. It definitely was an experience i will never forget.


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