“I have been a client of Debra's at Synergetic Healing for roughly six or seven years now.  She was the first therapist that made me realize that while massage is definitely relaxing, it is also a MEDICAL NECESSITY. I work as a hair stylist and was previously a dance instructor, and Debra really revitalizes my body and helps heal the damage I put it through. It never fails that at least one time per massage session she will find something going on deep down in my tissues that I was completely unaware of. She doesn't just go for the "target" areas, but really listens to the body to find the deeper problems. She has a wonderful and extensive knowledge of the way the body works and is truly a magical healer. Besides her magical hands, Debra is a very pleasant person to be around. I have never once felt any sort of awkwardness or discomfort. She is a very calm, gentle presence.  I am a client of Synergetic Healing for life!”

"It is with great pleasure that I recommend Debra Sargent. I have known her for 5 plus years. Debra has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and ambition.  She is very dependable and has respect for her peers and for her work."

"Debra provided me with immediate relief of pain and increased mobility after an injury.  She was supportive and encouraging!"

"Debra is the best massage therapist!   She listens and is very in tune with the body.  I always feel great after a massage with Debra!  I love her energy and she is very knowledgeable!"

Jamie C

Kathyrn W

Patricia A.

Lisa S

Debra took her time and asked a few questions to make sure you felt comfortable. She's very knowledgeable and professional. It was a wonderful experience. She went a full hour. I have gone to other places and an hour massage is only 50 minutes.

"I have been suffering from terrible headaches and Debra was able to relieve me of them.  She is amazing!"

Gina C.

Amy L

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